Fit Republik Dubai - MMA / Training Setup

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Fit Republik... Breaking New Ground in Performance

Fit Republik sports centre boasts everything from an Olympic-sized pool to an MMA fighting cage that's said to be one of the largest of its kind in the UAE.

Gyms 9 worked tirelessly to understand the very specific needs of Fit Republik, visiting the Dubai site on several occasions before the build was started.

"What makes Fit Republik special is that you can actually find something special that is personal for you. It’s a hub that gathers people that identify personally with things, not holistically, so we’re not cultish, yes people like to be part of Fit Republik, yes people like to belong in Fit Republik, but at the end of the day joining Fit Republik is because Fit Republik has something to offer you personally."

El Amine
Co Founder


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